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A Mother and Son -PAD Challenge Day 20


***Disclaimer: This is my first time really trying to do dialogue so I apologize if I do it horribly but good news is it wont happen very often!***

A son calls his mother crying and clearly upset.

“Mom?” he says in a pre-teen squeak

“Yes baby? What’s wrong? Are you okay!”

The next five minutes were filled with her sons heart wrenching sobs and one long, twisted knife, shrill as frustration, stress, anger and the longing flooded all throughout his tiny eleven year old body.

“Yes baby momma is here” quickly correcting her own triggering teeth and stammer.

“They are being mean to me” The boy says.

“I am sorry, what can I do to help?” Her statement came with a pre-filled promise and she was praying with all the red in her vision and fists ready to pull back she could fulfill it. After a while she was growing ever more concerned that she couldn’t.

He and she sat on the phone while he quietly sobs. And she is trying to give him comfort she know he deserves in person and clearly is only helping a little at a time. Still, she counts with him to ten, makes those promises she hopes she can keep up with. A boy who has been so let down won’t forget a single one and who can really blame him right?

“I love you mom, I want to come home.”
He continued to speak.

In the background she can hear the man and woman responsible for her child’s well-being actually taunt him. Not allowed to play outside, cannot have a private conversation, especially with his mother. He’s been told to stay out of the refrigerator, they pulled the plug upstairs away from them on the game systems. (every eleven year boys refuge I am sure) No way to escape from there. Forbidden all freedom.

She has her face in the pillow so that he wont her her scream.
The mother prayed, she was in a terrible way anyway that day. The package she sent to him for the holidays didn’t get there on time, Nobody to confide in, likewise trapped inside herself like her son. She felt all she did was wrong! After all, it is all she has been told. Feeling rotten to the depth of her core and nobody seems to understand or care.

No! She would ‘try again!’

“Honey tell me what I can do for you.” She asks again.

His voice was loving but the deep shift in his tone told her it carried resentment.

So, she braces herself for what he would say next.

“Mommy.” Voice goes down again and it was sad very dark and somber.

She pictures him tear soaked…he starts again, “Mom I’m lonely for you and I love you. Please I need a better life than this.”

Her heart if there was anything left was gone the second her son had to plead for what every other child gets, for what every child asks for and hers; hers had to beg? Him having to ask for her affection, stability, a real family, protection, her in the physical form! Everything she had intended for him, everything she didn’t deliver on, everything every single child regardless is deserving of!

She’s lost everything she has ever loved. Even with her best plans or intentions.  She tried so hard, fought and failed to no avail. I mean everything is gone. Every person, material possession, her home, only two close living relatives left. She would rid of herself for his sake she’d go away let him be happy maybe even peaceful. More often than this at least. ‘What do I do?’
she asks herself, always prepared for a fight. Always wanting one of life’s elusive breaks.

His voice stopped her mid-thought.

She sits up, clears her throat, grits her teeth and begins to take it; “yes sweetheart” she had to whisper.

He said “I need a better home than this.” then
“I need to go to bed they are making me go now”

He took a breath quiet and timidly were the words…”I love you momma.”

“I’m so sorry” she says as the dial tone kicks in.

It will only take her about a half of an hour to realize all that she said was only pity for herself.

In the morning she couldn’t be found.

A Mother and Son - By Kelley Stephens PAD Challenge Day 20




“Marbled blue eyes and granite skin
turn inside out for me sweetheart
take in a breath, bite your lip
this life doesn’t do you justice
pushing you down like you’re warm clay
names get re-written too often
with foreign tongues while true love
gets nailed into the wall with
unbridled hands and salty touch that
makes you buzz like a wind up toy
which can’t stop repeating his name

end violated like a bike tire
I will go unfixed if it’s Monday”

-Fatale by Kelley Stephens


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